[INFO] Using A Recipe May Not Always Be Best

The Thrifty Gourmand

In two of my previous posts – Budgeting a Weekly Grocery List and Whole Foods Doesn’t Have to Mean Whole Paycheck – I have mentioned that saving money at the grocery store starts with a desire to cook. Buying individual ingredients and preparing meals oneself cuts cost at the checkout counter and makes organic, sustainable food a possibility for anyone. However, some important components to this exhortation need to be discussed in greater detail.

When most people think of cooking for themselves, especially novices, they tend to associate preparing evening dinners with following a recipe. Whether this means opening a cookbook or logging-on to one’s favorite website, following a recipe entails clearly defined instructions and a list of precisely measured ingredients. For those trying to save money and time, recipes may not always be the best option when it comes to cooking for oneself.

As I have said before, my wife and…

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