[INFO] Learn to make healthy drink choices with Sip Smart!


Families play a key role in helping children to make healthy drink choices. Click the links below to find out how you can make healthy choices the easier choices for your family.

Sip Smart! BC™ Factsheet

fact_sheet The Sip Smart! BC™ Factsheet has key facts about sugary drinks, and practical tips for families on helping children make healthy drink choices.

Click to download the factsheet in the language of your choice:
VietnameseFilipinoKoreanPersian and Spanish

Sip Smart! BC™ Booklet

booklet_cvr The Sip Smart! BC™ Booklet is a comprehensive and engaging learning resource for families. It focuses on sugary drinks and making healthy drink choices.

Sip Smart! BC™ Booklet in English
Sip Smart! BC™ Booklet in French
Sip Smart! BC™ Booklet in Punjabi
Sip Smart! BC™ Booklet in Chinese

If you have problems downloading the booklets, please let us know.

Sip Smart!  BC™ PowerPoint™

Click here for a ready-to-use presentation for parents who ask for more information about Sip Smart! BC™, or to use with Parent Advisory Groups.

(Note: This is a 15 MB .zip file, including audio files. Please download the file, extract all files into a new folder, open the power point file, choose the slide show mode. The presentation, audio and video, plays automatically. If you have any difficulties downloading or viewing this file, please let us know.)

Sip Smart! BC™ Newsletter Inserts

Use our Sip Smart! BC™ newsletter inserts to provide parents at your school with important facts about healthy drink choices. The 7 different inserts come as ready-to-use jpg files, just download them and fit them into your newsletter format.

  1. Did you know that sugar-sweetened beverages may be the single largest driver of the obesity epidemic?
  2. How can parents support their children in making healthy drink choices?
  3. Why are sugary drinks not good for your children’s teeth?
  4. Kids don’t need caffeine!
  5. How much sugar is safe for my child to have?
  6. Is it ok for my child to have diet pop instead of sugary drinks?
  7. What’s the difference between 100% fruit juice and a fruity drink?

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